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Monday, November 7, 2011

Phoenix Dialysis Machine

1. Phoenix dialysis machine Designed with a unique protective blood module, it can eliminates the risk of cross contamination between patient, reduce bacteria and endotoxins contaminations.

2. Compensated blood flow
Identify arterial pressure issues by comparing the blood flow to the pump speed

3. Diascan monitory system
Diascan monitory system is automatically calibrated everyday, giving more confidence in data.

4. Bicart cartridge
Eliminates potential bicarbonate mixing errors and time-consuming procedures. No waste, bicart cartridge come in 2 sizes and can be used within 24 hours.

5. Cartridge Blood set
Non invasive system isolated from the machine. Very easy to handle. Less then 1 minute to set up. Gamma sterilization.

6. Waste handling option
Waste fluids go directly to the drain. Functionally integrated into the cartridge blood set.

7. IT connectivity
Phoenix dialysis machine comes with Standard ethernet network connection. Easy connection to electronic medical records. Easy charting on the Phoenix system screen.


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