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Friday, November 11, 2011

Fresenius dialysis machine 2008T

The 2008T hemodialysis machine is designed to perform hemodialysis in hospitals and dialysis clinics . It can be used for patients suffering chronic or acute renal failure.

Function of the 2008T

The Fresenius 2008 Kidney Dialysis Machine series were designed for flexibility. They all Equipped with advanced therapy options; ultrafiltration, fixed proportioning, heat disinfecting, variable dialysate flow, and including automatic blood pressure monitoring as well as computer documentation capabilities.

The 2008T is designed to provide hemodialysis treatment by controlling and monitoring both dialysate and extracorporeal blood circuits. In the extracorporeal blood circuit, the blood is continuously circulated from the patient through a dialyzer, where toxins are filtered out through a semi-permeable membrane, before being returned to the patient. During this process, the extra corporeal blood circuit is monitored for venous and arterial blood pressures, and for the presence of air and blood. The Fresenius dialysis machine 2008T can also administer heparin everly throughout the treatment.

In The dialysate circuit, the dialysate concentrates are mixed with purified water, heated, degassed, and delivered to the dialyzer. Balancing chambers ensure that the incoming flow of the dialysate is volumetrically equal to the outgoing flow in order to control ultra filtration from the patient.

Organization of the Fresenius dialysis machine 2008T

The 2008T is designed for functional efficiency. The back of the machine houses utility connections such as water source, drain, and electrical connections by maintaining them to the back, the water lines and power cord remain out of the way during treatment.
The front of the machine contains all of the controls the operation needs access to during hemodialysis. It can be broken down into three main sections. The top contains the control panel and houses the computer that runs the treatment program. The middle section contains the modules used for the safe transmission of the blood to and from the dialyzer. Dialysate is the primary concern of the bottom section of the 2008T.


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