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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Phoenix Dialysis Machine from Gambro

Gambro is a worldwide medical equipment company which improving product in the new technology system, Gambro's renal products are a major business group of this company. In order to increase the distribution of their dialysis products, The Gambro company has developed key agreements with Baxter and DaVita.

One of dialysis machine Gambro is Phoenix dialysis system, It's features a unique protective blood module, Phoenix system eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between patients caused by transducer protector contamination.

Electrical Power Supply Requirements

115 V ±10%, 60 Hz, 16 A
(12 A without heat disinfection)
or 230/240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz,
10 A Water Supply Requirements Refer to both local and AAMI standards for water quality.
Pressure: 14.5 to 87 psi (100 to 600 kPa)
Flow: 1.1 l/min
Temperature: 50°F to 90°F (10°C to 32.2°C)
Drain Maximum height above floor level:
39 in (1 m) Maximum distance to drain: 118 in (3 m) Drain flow: 1.1 l/min maximum
Temperature: 203°F max (95°C max)


Arterial and venous pressure monitoring

Color touch screen

Diascan Monitoring System

Compensated Blood Flow

UF and sodium profiling

Blood Pressure Monitoring

BiCart cartridge holder

Diaclear ultrafilter holder

Central concentrate connection

pH probe

Ethernet port standard Dialysate Handling

Temperature range: 93.2°F (34°C) to 103°F (39.5°C)

Flow rate: 350 to 800 ml/min 50 ml/min steps

Flow rate accuracy: ±5% Blood Handling Blood flow: 10 to 580 ml/min Non-invasive pressure monitoring Single Needle option available

Heparin pump 0.0 or 0.5 to 10.0 ml/h linear infusion rates with automatic bolus Can accomodate 10, 20 and 30 ml syringes

Ultrasonic Air Bubble Detection can detect bubbles as small as 20 µl Blood Leak Detector: infrared Ultrafiltration Rate

Range: 0.0 to 4.0 kg/h

Accuracy: ± 2%

Maximum total programmable Target Weight

Loss: 30 kg, to be obtained in a linear treatment time of up to 8 hours Options Battery backup kit Single needle


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