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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Prismaflex Dialysis Machine


The Prismaflex® dialysis machine

A versatile platform for intensive care blood purification therapies
Gambro has specifically designed the Prismaflex dialysis machine to meet the stringent demands placed on blood purification therapies in intensive care units. Simple to use, reliable and safe, the Prismaflex system delivers a full choice of therapies adapted to individual patient needs
More therapeutic flexibility for optimal patient treatment
Freedom of choice: one platform for all therapies
The Prismaflex system gives you a full choice of therapies:
• Therapeutic plasma exchange*
• Hemoperfusion*
• Compatibility with the MARS liver support system

Enhanced patient prescription and treatment flexibility

The system design gives you greater flexibility for both prescription and treatment. Indeed multiple fluid therapeutic combinations, and optimum prescribed dose delivery, can be achieved thanks to a high-flow-rate blood pump and four high-flow-rate fluid pumps. Moreover, the Prismaflex dialysis machined offers very convenient and easy management of pre- and post-dilution mixing points with two integrated pinch clamps. Did you also know that every CRRT set configuration can be used to perform all modalities (SCUF, CVVH/HD/HDF) in pre- and/or post-dilution modes? This allows a change of modality as well as of pre- and post-infusion during dialysis treatment, using the same set thereby reducing operator intervention. The new battery backup of the PrismafleX eXeed II system offers the choice to continue CRRT even in case of temporary main power loss or during transportation. Integrated design for anticoagulation management.

Several built-in features provide effective anticoagulation management:

• New syringe pump for systemic anticoagulation
• Citrate regional anticoagulation capability with the pre-blood pump and
calcium compensation with the syringe pump
– For all CRRT modalities
– No limitations in citrate protocols
– Automated citrate and calcium delivery capability by optimizing your
Prismaflex dialysis system with PrismafleX eXeed II software
• AN 69® ST membrane that prevents initial contact phase activation
and thus thrombin formation.


The Prismaflex dialysis system can be upgraded with PrismafleX eXeed II software, and any future software, providing the opportunity to always work with the most up-to-date blood purification technologies and therapies. Designed with flexibility to meet your patient’s specific needs,
the Prismaflex dialysis system delivers the best possible treatment options for intensive care blood purification therapies.

A wide range of membranes adapted to individual patient needs With the Prismaflex dialysis system, each patient can benefit from a dedicated set adapted to prescription needs.

More freedom in prescription of CRRT

The Prismaflex dialysis system offers three types of membrane for CRRT (AN 69, AN 69 ST and PAES) with three different surface areas for each membrane. Therapeutic plasma exchange and hemoperfusion* The Prismaflex system can fulfill the needs of both adults and children for therapeutic plasma exchange and hemoperfusion, since it is compatible with two different sizes of membrane surface area and cartridge.

You can go even further in your patient care by enabling the PrismafleX eXeed II software with
additional therapeutical options:

A unique set for the CRRT indications of low body weight patients*

The Prismaflex HF 20 set has been specially designed for the treatment of low body weight patients in CRRT. It offers a very low extracorporeal blood volume, and allows the treatment of patients weighing as little as eight kilos, with all CRRT modalities. Innovative membranes for new possibilities in blood purification*
• oXiris—a Prismaflex set with unique membrane ability to adsorb and remove endotoxins
• septeX—a Prismaflex set featuring a proprietary Gambro high cut-off membrane technology, able to remove and reduce plasma levels of
high molecular weight toxins (e.g. cytokines) Optimized combination with the MARS liver support system The PrismafleX eXeed II system provides a unique compatibility between Prismaflex and MARS systems by means of a dedicated user interface and a specific
X-MARS kit to simplify the treatment of patients suffering from liver failure.

More time for patients

Every component of the Prismaflex system is designed for convenient operation and usability. This reduces stress and workload freeing up more time to focus on patient care.

Quick and easy to use

The Prismaflex dialysis system incorporates a 12-inch color touch screen with an intuitive user interface. This provides constant monitoring of prescription delivery thanks to the clear display of all necessary parameters on the status screen. Step-by-step instructions on screen make set-up easy. Each step is accompanied by an illustration with color codes matching the color-coded hemofilter sets. Any prescription change can easily be made with clear accessible softkeys.

Automated set loading and recognition In addition to the instructions on the screen, the Prismaflex sets incorporate pre-connected lines, and the Prismaflex system automatically loads all pump segments for quick and complete automatic priming of the circuit. The four high precision scales are also ergonomically designed to facilitate bag handling. All this helps greatly simplify the installation and preparation of the machine.

Less intervention required When placed on the system, the Prismaflex dialysis machine automatically detects the filter set through a barcode identification. This generates automatic setting of customized default values specific to the disposable set, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. Similarly, a smart alarm system with the ability to analyze—and in many cases self-correct—problems minimizes the number of manual.

Designed with patient

safety in mind

Fluid balance accuracy and safety alarms Ensuring the utmost safety, pumps and scales are highly accurate with continuous monitoring of the fluid balance management during treatment.

Safety alarms are activated each time a deviation from normal parameters is detected.
Low extracorporeal blood volume and reduced circuit clotting Including a small deaeration chamber with semi-automatic blood
level adjustment and no air/blood interface, this unique air management minimizes the extracorporeal blood volume. In addition, the unique
vortex shape of the integrated deaeration chamber allows safe airbubble elimination, minimizing circuit clotting.

Risk prevention

• An integrated barcode reader identifies the set type and number, leaving no room for error in set choice, and also allowing the generation of
customized safe default values
• Preconnected sets eliminate error in line connection and reduce the risk of contamination
• An integrated discharger ring reduces ECG interference due to roller pumps Manufactured to meet the highest medical device safety standards, the Prismaflex dialysis system delivers safe and reliable therapy treatment.


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