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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Althin Dialysis Machine


This dialysis machine is designed to reduce operator work load, user friendly features provide clinical efficiency, and reduce preventive maintenance. The Althin is very upgradeable.

Precision ultrafiltration control. UF accuracy is better than + 30 ml/hr. A minimum UF. Button allows operators to quickly reduce UF.
Individualized electrolyte and UF control. Individualized patient dialysis treatment. All dualysate and UF parameters can be preset to change automatically over the course of the treatment with the visual fingertip controlled option.

Integrated patient blood pressure. Up to 48 blood pressure and pulse readings can be stored in data report. Unique Althin pressure measurement detects backfiltration. Redundant safety system. 300 to 1000 ml/min. dialysate flow range. Saves and displays key treatment data. Integrated intelligent single needle.

Dimensions (HxWxL) 58" x 17" x 16"
Weight 178lbs.
Just a Touch of the Screen
Easy to Clean
One Hand Adjustment
Auto Start Saves Time
Precise Fluid Removal
Individualized Electrolyte and UF Control with Sodium, Bicarbonate, and UF profiling
Integrated Patient Blood Pressure
TINA has a Good Memory
A Window into the Patient
Instant Data Communication
Optional Single Needle
TINA can Evolve as Dialysis therapies Advance
4.1 through 4.9 version

Contact us at E-Mail: shia@giamedical.com


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