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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baxter 1550 Dialysis Machine

History of Baxter Dialysis Machine

Baxter has long been on the forefront of developing innovative solutions for patients with kidney disease. Here is an abbreviated timeline of the most important milestones in our company's history:

1956 - Baxter medical engineers improve the original construction of Dr. Willem Kolff's design and introduce the first commercially built artificial kidney

1978 - Baxter introduced CAPD as a practical home-based alternative to hemodialysis

1979 - First Commercial CAPD Solution: Dianeal

1982 - First Home Patient Delivery: Servipak

1990 - First Integrated Disconnect System: Ultrabag

1994 - First Easy to Use Portable Cycler: HomeChoice Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD)

1996 - First CAPD Night Exchange Device: Quantum Exchange System

1998 - First National Kidney Educator Program

2000 - First Direct-to-Patient Education Program: Stay in Touch

2000 - First Home Patient Home Monitoring System: HomeChoice Pro with PD Link Software

2003 - First New Osmotic Agent in Over 20 Years! Extraneal (icodextrin)

Baxter 1550 Specification:

High performance dialysis machine designed for high efficiency dialyzers
Easy access components for servicing and maintenance
Automatic UF control, variable sodium, variable Bicarbonate, Automatic Chemical Disinfect
Patient's prescription data can be entered onto cartridge and loaded into machine for set-up parameters
Control panel and monitors allow for user friendly operation


Specification Dimensions (HxWxL) 120cm x 5.8cm x 67.9cm
Weight 178lbs


Temperature 10(c) 50(F) to 35(c) 95(F)
Relative humidity 30% to 95%


The Baxter dialysis machines are designed to meet all UL and CSA requirements.

Current requirements

SPS550 50/60 Hz, VAC + 10% at 13 amps maximum
SPS550 50/60 Hz may be wired for:
-100 VAC + 10% at 14.4 amps
-200 VAC + 10% at 7.2 amps
-220 VAC + 10% at 6.5 amps
-240 VAC + 10% at 6.0 amps

Electrical leakage

Less than 50 microamperes at all voltages.

Dieletric Strength
2500 VAC

Air conditioning load
1,785 BTU/hr or 2500 watts


Water must meet AAMI standards for hemodialysis.
Supply pressure
35 kPa (5psi) to 700 Kpa (100 psi)
Internally regulated pressure
70 Kpa (10psi) after the inlet water pressure regulator.
100 KPa (15 psi) after the proportioning pump pressure regulator


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